PetroTrace representatives took part in a field meeting on exploration in the Kamchatka Region

PetroTrace employees took part in a field meeting on geological exploration in the Kamchatka region, which was held by Gazprom PJSC from September 13 to 16, 2022.

Representatives of PetroTrace made a report on the topic “Analysis of the hydrocarbon potential of promising objects based on the results of 3D seismic surveys carried out in the period from 2016 to 2021 …”. As part of the work carried out by PetroTrace, an assessment of promising sites was carried out and their structure was clarified, as well as proposals for a further program of additional studies were developed in order to improve the quality of preparation of structures for prospecting and exploration drilling based on data from modern seismic works (MOGT-3D).

Dimitry Bolotnik, Vice President of PetroTrace, took part in the meeting, noting the company’s interest in further study and generalization of materials in order to create a comprehensive model, which in conditions of a complex geological structure will minimize risks during drilling operations and increase the reliability of the forecast of both geological and recoverable reserves.